Neoprene Premium Rod Sleeves - Save Your Sticks!

I got tired of guides and hooks getting stuck in old mesh covers.

And my son and I wanted better protection for our equipment so we started looking around.  Nothing included all the features we wanted so we tried to make our own.  We went through a bunch of trial and error and finally found the materials and design we liked.  Then people we knew started asking us for them.  That led to a few more good ideas with their feedback, and we ended up with the sleeves we sell today.

A friend with Power-Poles wanted covers for his anchors so I designed and measured, cut and sewed, and then delivered.  A few other people asked for them, and now I offer them as another product.  The folks who make Power-Poles agreed to let me use their product name in my work, and I'm careful to get permission for all the logos I use.  

So if you want your equipment protected, pick up some of our sleeves and covers.  If you have any special requirements then email or call me and I can help you out too.

Rod Warrior USA