Neoprene Premium Rod Sleeves - Save Your Sticks!

I got tired of guides and hooks getting stuck in old mesh covers.

And my son and I wanted better protection for our equipment so we started looking around.  Nothing included all the features we wanted so we tried to make our own.  We went through a bunch of trial and error and finally found the materials and design we liked.  Then people we knew started asking us for them.  That led to a few more good ideas with their feedback, and we ended up with the sleeves we sell today.

A friend with Power-Poles wanted covers for his anchors so I designed and measured, cut and sewed, and then delivered.  A few other people asked for them, and now I offer them as another product.  The folks who make Power-Poles agreed to let me use their product name in my work, and I'm careful to get permission for all the logos I use.  Raptor covers followed.

I am working on other products like bait wraps, trolling motor and engine tube wraps and graph covers.  If you are interested and do not see it on my site, call me and ask me.

So if you want your equipment protected, pick up some of our sleeves and covers.  If you have any special requirements then email or call me and I can help you out too.

Rod Warrior USA